Upon the birth of my two favorite creations – my children – I suddenly found myself with too many ideas. It’s like the creative force of childbirth knocked open new bridges in my brain. I can’t stop seeing possibilities. As a writer, journalist and publicity professional, I’ve worked in ideas. Now I’m up to my ears in ideas, and I don’t know which to pursue.

It occurred to me that what I love best is brainstorming. What if, instead of choosing a direction, I hung out here in brainstormsville for a while? What if I embarked on an epic challenge to become a certified expert in brainstorming badassery?

I’m challenging myself to jot down one idea every day for 300 days: inventions, children’s books, movie plots, businesses, nonprofits, lifestyle hacks. No editor present, just a pure flow of creativity in all of its scary and imperfect glory.

Why 300? The number is fairly arbitrary, but I wanted it to feel monumental. Prolific. Virtuosic.

I’m not kidding myself. I surmise that there will be many bad ideas here. But maybe, out of 300, there will be at least one good one.

There’s a reason I’m putting this tacky experiment on display, instead of scrawling ideas in my journal: to find collaborators, workshoppers, upvotes, downvotes, investors, logistics advice and more. Maybe I will make a great discovery!

Most of all, as these ideas start to come together, I’ve noticed an underlying narrative. In the end, ideas are little steps we take to get to the world we wish we lived in.

Please help me with your constructive feedback or collaboration.

To collaborate, invest or work with me in a freelance capacity, please email EKBMedia@Gmail.com.

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