Recently I set out to jot down a new idea every day for 300 days. My goal was to become a professional brainstormer, an expert in ideas, as I believe that ideas are little steps we take to get to the world we wish we lived in.

I failed.

But I failed up! I only paused my 300-day brainstorm because I found an idea I fell in love with so much that I had to stop everything and bring it forth into the world myself.

Most of my ideas are vague things I think someone more qualified should take on. But when I came up with the idea of a bedtime novel one reads to be gently entertained while also having their brain primed for sleep, I knew I was the perfect one for the job.

A former music journalist, I have a strange brain. My sensory issues make me vividly sensitive to sights and sounds, and my synaesthesia means I’m always making novel connections that others would have never made.

To quote my novel, I’m naturally psychedelic.

So I took my strange brain, my delicate prose, my anxiety, my insomnia, my experience with sensory integration, my love of absurdity, my addiction to ASMR and my devotion to all things sparkly and created the incredibly dreamy novel that I desired to see in the world.

To collaborate, invest or work with me in a freelance capacity, please email EKBMedia@Gmail.com.

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