Peace, Love and Witchcraft

I made the mistake of reading this powerful piece by journalist and “Utopia prepper” Caitlyn Johnstone right before bed. (Isn’t Utopia prepper the best? It makes me realize why preppers always rubbed me the wrong way, in two words). Reading the piece was only a mistake because it so thoroughly scared the shit out of me about the precipice at which we lie.

Our species is at a crossroads. It’s become self-evident that we’re about to either collectively experience some kind of enormous transformation, or go the way of the dinosaur.

What we decide to become right now may either result in evolving to a more conscious society, or nuclear holocaust. The author asserts that the #MeToo revolution is at the crux of this societal upheaval, exposing the ugliness inherent in our most intimate dynamics between men and women, and sending the whole societal structure of power and silence crashing down. Will we survive it?

How can we survive it?

We can’t just keep resisting. We need some positivity.  We need this new generation’s version of a peace and love movement. Exposing the ugliness is the first step, but having fun is better marketing.

And of course, more important than the messaging – everyone knows the messaging of a peace and love movement – will be the fun shit we attach to it. There are marches for peace all the time right now. But even I neglected to show up to the last one, and I am the most goddamned rage-filled warrior for peace that I know. It’s a sad truth, but humans need something shiny to attract them.

The hippie movement had free love, LSD and following the Grateful Dead. I would like to propose bad-ass sexy witches take over the world. Just think about it. It has everything the world needs right now:

  • Literal miracles
  • Female-led
  • Return to nature
  • Actual orgies

My only reluctance is that certain types of Christians will go ahead and totally get triggered about the whole thing just like when Harry Potter came out. And I would prefer a peaceful revolution. Christians, can you just be cool? Your time is up.

Witches FTW!

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