Man Dungeons & Mass Shooters

Picture this: a man dungeon. It has that cold lair-y vibe. Men check all weapons at the door, and they enter into a fantasy of primal masculinity: giant mahogany furniture. Car engines just tossed on the floor with all sorts of wires hanging out! Whiskey, everywhere. This place is friggen carved into the side of a mountain. Mountain lions roam the halls. Flames are definitely flickering from somewhere.

On one end, we have a bevvy of well-cared-for sex workers who enjoy extraordinary benefits the likes of which most of us are unaccustomed to, because they will be performing the task of fulfilling men’s needs.

On the other end, we have a Fight Club, where a man can exact his need to pummel things onto other rageful men.

If there’s anything we’ve learned recently, it’s that some men experience violence and perversion that makes them cross boundaries of human ethics. The central question here is: are they overly violent and perverted because of biology, or are they overly violent and perverted due to a system that’s encouraged their every move, regardless of how despicable?

Probably both. We have taken the worst parts of humanity, encouraged them and then wondered why we are in the place we are.

But still: I wonder if we gave these men more of an outlet, combined with our efforts to stop tolerance of outbursts of toxic masculinity, if we could contain some of the outbursts.

Do men really need these outlets?

I firmly believe that Fight Club would greatly decrease mass shooters. If a man (or woman) is angry and wants to be violent, Fight Club would help in multiple ways: it would give him an outlet for his rage; it would force him to use his own body for the violence he wants to inflict, teaching him about the true price of violence; it would give him the sensory stimuli he craves, which is a series of blows to his body; it would give him exercise, which releases stress; and it would release all this toxic masculinity onto other men who can handle it, protecting innocents.

Right now, a man can end 50 peoples’ lives while barely breaking a sweat. We need to make violence harder.

I’m a devout believer in taking a sensory approach to everything. When my children had behavioral problems, it used to be my instinct to look at things psychologically. Why isn’t she eating dinner with us? Is there a problem at school? Is she jealous of her brother?

My occupational therapist simplified things so much: “What is her chair like?”

“Her chair?”

“Yes, it’s actually exhausting for children to sit in most chairs, so ironically it makes them antsy.”

“Wow. Yeah, she just crouches on an adult chair. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that…”

This is for an issue that I had spent hours psychoanalyzing, only to be slapped across the face with the simplicity of it.

Physical interventions are refreshing in their lack of baggage, and when you think about it, they explain everything. We are a species who used to physically behave in a certain manner; technology changed that, so most of us sit in chairs all day. Yet we never replaced the old physical input.

Not only do our bodies need more exercise, but our minds need it.

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