The House of the Rising Credit

As a young family with significant debt hanging over our heads, it’s hard to enjoy anything. We live our lives in crisis mode. We live on borrowed life. Even as we continue to make payments, nothing ever seems like enough. The interest just keeps multiplying.

Sometimes, I wish we could just live mortgage-free for a year. We could continue to work at our usual rate, and the debt would disappear in no time.

What a great charity idea. One only needs enough money for a house. Each indebted person, couple or family lives in the house for free for a finite amount of time, ¬†finally being able to put a dent in their debt. Maybe it’s a few months. Maybe it’s a year. But it’s a way to extend charity without it really being a handout – after all, the family is working and paying their own bills.

You can only help one family at a time, but what a great help it would be.

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