Super You Classes

It’s important to take our young children to settings where we teach them to behave properly in society, like preschool and storytime. But why don’t we also give them what they actually want? Adults are allowed to go to parties, bars and rock concerts. We have outlets to get all of our anxious energy out and socialize with friends. Why should we take our babies, toddlers and preschoolers to storytime and expect them to sit quietly and socialize properly when they haven’t had a chance to blow off steam?

Super You Classes are simply giving them what they actually want. They will be based around music, dance, and sensory play. They take cues equally from our own children’s desires as they do from occupational therapy. They use magical and fantastical imagery to create a world everyone will want to be a part of. They will be structured, but also allow for moments of free play.

Children will be encouraged to wear whatever they want to these classes – capes, tutus, unicorn horns, crowns, etc.

Classes will be led by an adult, and parents must be present with their children. They will begin like any other storytime or dance class; the key is that the teacher will have a chest from which they will pull out props and treasures one by one, so as not to overwhelm the children or get them too excited all at once. They will work up to the climax, followed by a wind down period.*

Some of the more standard classes like Baby School of Rock will be drop in and happen once a week; other more high maintenance ones like the Super Splat Tea Party will be once a month and require signup.

All are free or by donation. This is very important to me. While these classes are for the children, they are also to build community for frazzled and isolated parents. Classes like these probably exist out there already, for a hefty fee. I want to create classes that I would have been able to afford going to. I think children from all socioeconomic backgrounds deserve these classes.

* I envision the wind-down period being that they use some kind of fun imagery to tense up and then relax/melt into the floor (maybe they blow up like a balloon and then deflate)


Sparkle Fairy Ballet (ages 2-5)

A drop in free movement class using magical and ballet imagery (sprinkle fairy dust, point your twinkle toes, etc) where kids can twirl and flounce like little fairies.

Frequency: weekly

Wild Animals Dance Party (walkers)

Participants will sing songs about animals and dance like animals. Each will choose their spirit animal for the session.

Frequency: weekly

Baby School of Rock (babies)

Sitting in a circle and singing nursery rhymes with blocks, castanets, maracas, bells, drums and scarves.

Frequency: weekly

Space Yoga (walkers)

Relaxing space music, stretching and movement. Uses “astronaut training” from occupational therapy – twirling in place, catch a falling star, dusting moon boots. Invigorating but also relaxing and calming.

Frequency: once a week

Super Splat Tea Party (ages 1-4)

A sensory play party where little ones can grind corn, knead dough, play with colored rice and beans, rip up crinkly paper, pour sparkly water, blow bubbles, and get a little messy. Bring towel and change of clothes.

Frequency: once a month

Dragon Training for Little Knights (ages 2-5)

High energy positive affirmations and guided dance party with a heavy metal vibe. Teacher will introduce little knights to dance moves like the rainbow claw. Participants will learn to tame their dragons and go on a quest for diamonds. They will need to face up to the cave trolls in order to find the treasure in the cave and be knighted.  (when discovering the treasure, they will need to take turns to hit stacked giant cardboard boxes that protect the cave, “rocks,” with a giant plastic bat.)

Frequency: once a month

Unicorn Dance Party (all ages)

A baby rave with floating silver balloons and twinkly lights. A person leads this structured dance party, which ends with the babies bopping the balloons. Maybe there are fans and scarves too

Frequency: once a month

Gemstone Adventure (toddlers and preschoolers)

Take a walk through the park and discover and collect “gemstones” (rocks). Return to a central place to color the rocks and build magical structures out of them. Then potentially release them back into the wild.

Frequency: once a month

Gnome Nesting (ages 2-5)

Children will go outside and dig in the dirt, collect leaves and rocks and other items from nature to create a gnome nest for a tiny gnome to live in.

Frequency: once a month

Hip-Hop-opotamus (ages 2-5)

Rhythm and movement, beatboxing, breakdancing and ABCs. Erin Erin Bo Berin song for each child’s name

Frequency: once a month

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