Will someone please invent something for me?

My one-year-old boy LURRRRVES to smell things. He will sit in the bathroom while I’m trying to do my makeup or get dressed, and proceed to open every bottle in the room, wrinkle his cute nose and give it a nice deep sniff, then a satisfied AHHHHHH. His favorites are toothpaste and deodorant.

As a doting mother, I would like to indulge his smelling proclivities, but I also don’t like it when he walks away with the toothpaste while I’m plucking my eyebrows and then a week later I find toothpaste in my closet.

Someone should invent a collection of little toy that my one-year-old can open up and smell, with a bunch of very different scents. I envision little balls the size of Eos chapstick that would fit into a tiny hand. My son would spend hours on this activity alone. Also, please make them safe and mess-free. Kthanks.

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