Spacetime Portraits

I often think about my life and the lives of my loved ones as their own physical shapes, occasionally intertwining. I imagine my life as a whole, with the night my husband and I drank beers with our feet hanging over the Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico on the same sculpture as the time we walked around the lake with our two kids yesterday, which is twisting around unknown parts I have yet to fill in. When the fear of losing it all grips me in the middle of the night, I wrap my husband’s arm around me and this is literally the only thing that comforts me: the fact that this happened is solid. As if it were carved into spacetime. When I am gone from this earth, instead of being separated from my loved ones, maybe we are connected because we have connected. The connection is still there.

If I were a visual artist, I’d figure out a way to visual convey this complex idea. Maybe it’s a collection of some chosen moments in my life mapped out, that I can wrap around me like a comforting quilt.

I like it to be random instead of chronological. I want the feeling that it’s all there at the same time. Life as a work of art.

In fact, I’d like to dedicate this blog to my second cousin, who just passed away, and had set out to live her life as a piece of art. Here’s to you, Becky! And below are some of my more memorable life events.

Giving birth to my children, 2013 and 2015

Getting an illegal tattoo on top of the parking garage, 1998

My daughter walking for the first time, March 27, 2014

Attending college in the city, 2002

Moving out of my parents’ house, 2001

Going to Paris with my mother and sister, 1995

Founding the Donnybrook Writing Academy, 2007

South Park Music Festival, where I met all my adult friends, 2003

Meeting my husband and soul mate, 2002

Winning the Spelling Bee, 1995

Going to Europe with my whole family, 2000?

Marrying my husband, 2011

Short story published in a literary journal, 2003

My son walking for the first time, 2016

Writing my first children’s story, 1990?

My daughter “writing” her first story, 2016

Sneaking out and trying vodka for the first time, 1996

Discovering ASMR, synesthesia and some of my other neurological quirks, 2016

First road trip without parents (to Montana), 2001



And the list goes on……..


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