Email newsletter easter egg

Today I tried something a little jerkish and sneaky in the email newsletter I write for my Number One Client. We usually give away tickets to a concert or event in each newsletter; it’s good to give people a little incentive to read. But today, I mentioned in the subject line of the email that there were free Marc Maron tickets hidden somewhere in the newsletter, so they had to read the whole thing!


I mean, if you’re a person who has had any schooling at all, you would probably be able to find the free tickets right away. Naturally, I nestled the free tickets in the last blurb of the newsletter at the very end. It was like, “We’re hiring all entry level positions. Also: we’re giving away Marc Maron tickets if you email me with the name of one of his cats.”

So far, my inbox is flooded with cat names (Boomer, Monkey and LaFonda). I don’t know if this speaks to Marc Maron’s popularity or my evil genius. I’m gonna go with Marc Maron.


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