A few years ago I lived in a small artsy community, and let’s just say some people seemed relaxed and loose with the hygiene. There were only a few places in town for kids to go, so those places were like Petri dishes teeming with stomach flu virus.

It made me want to design an app that tracks illness outbreaks. Whenever you get sick, you just log on and enter in your symptoms. Then folks nearby can be alerted to an outbreak, and decide not to leave the house for a week. Or maybe that’s just my reaction.

I spent a lot of time researching how to make this app a reality, and then I realized that it already existed in the world. I downloaded this existing app, which prompted me to report how I was feeling once a day.

It was so boring to use. I literally wanted to spend my life making this app a reality. And it was kind of like wanting to go into a certain profession and finding the day-to-day is not what you had planned: the function was no fun. I had zero urge to check in.

I deleted it.

Can someone else offer advice on how to make this app interesting to use? Do we score points for being healthy? Can we make some extra cash by providing data to healthcare companies?


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