Momsing out

Momsing on someone is a verb that can be used much like crushing on someone; but the nature of the affection when one is momsing out is not sexual at all, but maternal.

When I was a teenager with blue and black hair, I used to meet so many adults that were so enthusiastic to meet me. I was like, Why are adults so weird?! I thought maybe these were just very happy people, except their bubbliness definitely seemed aimed at me.

Haven’t you met older people like this? People who are just beaming at you and clutching each other? You mention something mundane from your life like biology class and they are just falling all over themselves (“oh I remember THOSE days!”).

The older I get, the more I understand being one of these ridiculous old people. Sometimes I’ll be driving down the street and spot a teenager dragging a skateboard down the street, with a je ne sais quoi that just bowls me over with joy. Maybe she is a shy girl who wears large fuzzy sweaters and big black rimmed glasses and Mary Janes but in a super cool Urban Outfitters kind of way. Or maybe he wears a karate kid type bandanna and a bolo tie in a way he can actually pull off, and his attitude is this youthful combination of taking oneself totally seriously but being unaware that there is any other option, so it’s not douchbaggy.


I am momsing hard on these young people. I just want to gather them up and have an inspiring Civics Class with all of them.

It takes everything in me just to control myself from rolling down the window of my CRV, honking my horn and yelling at them “You are truly the coolest young person ever! I just adore you! I do hope that you will take that hip style and grace the college halls with it instead of the drug dens! Hugs not drugs!”

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