Grandma for a Day

I need affordable child care. And I know that somewhere, there is a woman in her twilight years whose children, to her regret, chose not to have children. Or maybe she never had children at all. But now her heart aches every time she sees a young child. She can have mine for a while!

Grandparenting is hard work, and I know that my own parents get exhausted when they’re doing it. So you would be strategic about how long the shifts would be. But it could be a win-win situation, if done correctly and respectfully: making sure the hired grandparent has everything he or she needs. Managing expectations depending on how energetic he or she might be – let’s not hand her the kids and ask her to take them to Disneyland. Not straying too far in case the children get too hyper. Paying her a fair wage, but maybe a little less than someone educated or experienced in early childhood (unless they’re experienced as well). As someone who works from home, all of this sounds reasonable to me.

Lest you think I’m taking advantage of sweet elderly person yearnings, taking care of children has been found to be good for staving off Alzheimer’s!

So there you have it.

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