Blawkward: a blog about being awkward

Today I only had an hour to work, so I Googled the nearest coffee shop. It led me to a Starbucks inside of a King Soopers. With my little laptop and my little latte under the hot lights, I felt like I was living inside a storefront display. Then a girl walked up to get coffee (TO GO, LIKE A NORMAL PERSON) and kind of gave me a weird look. For some inexplicable reason I winked at her! Why did I do that?

Some people would enjoy a coffee at a King Soopers Starbucks without batting an eyelash. Or winking suggestively. But I have a gift for the awkward: for sensing it, for participating in it.

Today’s scenario reminded me of my beloved clumsy stepchild of a creative venture, Blawkward: a blog about being awkward.

Are you, too, an awkward human being? Or do you enjoy laughing at awkward people? Then check out my blog, Blawkward. I cover all manner of awkward scenarios, like phone calls with dads, Ukranian interns using American slang and lying about being a Lucero superfan. And come on already; let’s get a book deal going for this failure at life.

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