Smart Calendar

There are many products coming out right now in the smart home arena, so there is a good chance someone is addressing this need.

I want a smart digital calendar that I can magnet to my fridge or hang on my wall that’s updated by my phone calendar (iCalendar, Google Calendar, Office).

I like having the reminders, updates and ease that I get with my phone/online calendar. But I need to see it in order to understand it. Anyone else? I find myself hanging a real handwritten calendar (how old school, I know) and having to double update it and my phone.

When I walk into the room, you had better believe I would be able to talk to that calendar, like in the movies, and that the calendar would respond in a British accent and have some sort of assistantly name.

“Barnaby, what’s on the schedule for this week?”

“Erin, you have baby music class at 10 a.m. tomorrow, and will have chocolate and juice spilled on you for the remainder of the week by your children.”

“Thanks, Barnaby.”

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