The Wedding Dresses & Whiskey Soiree

Everyone agrees: it’s a shame you only get to wear your most expensive dress once. We hem and haw and spend so much time worrying about our wedding dress, and it spends most of its life in a vacuum-sealed bag, gathering mothballs.

Ever since I was married in 2011, I wanted to throw an annual party where women could wear their wedding dresses again. But to make it interesting, we’d all be drinking whiskey out of flasks. That’s just sort of how it appeared in my mind, perhaps for maximum amusement. Because when we wore it the first time, we had to operate at our utmost level of decorum. It’s about time to let loose in our wedding dresses.

Recently someone shared an article about this woman, who plans to wear her dress every anniversary. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

But a party filled with brides is next level. The dress meant to be one-and-only multiplied by a hundred. Just imagine the sea of white floofs, a catawampus lazy river of whiskey-drunk brides, fist-pumping to terrible wedding DJs. 

Don’t worry, men can be included, too. You just have to wear a wedding dress.

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