The other day I was putting on makeup in the car while my husband was driving (don’t judge) and as one may guess, it wasn’t going well. It was one of those slow domino effect disasters, like juggling drunk on a dinghy. In slow motion. Makeup falling and rolling across the car. Reaching out for things, missing them. Eyes poked. Listen, I didn’t have any other time to do my makeup, and I really wanted cat eyes that day.

I said, “I feel like my life is a slapstick, only there is no laughter and it’s only sad.”

Writing that down makes it sound really sad, but in the moment, we laughed maniacally.

My husband said, “They should make a slapstick, but instead of each pratfall or disaster being funny, it just really actually ruins their day and is a huge bummer.”

Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor, but for some reason imagining this movie made me laugh almost more than imagining a traditional slapstick. Because it’s subverting expectations and building tension. Like an Andy Kaufman prank. Imagine setting the audience up for laughter, like casting Jim Carrey, and going on hour two and you’re still waiting for a laugh. Oh, man.


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