Lifehack app

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten sucked into a Google hole of despair. It’s late at night. My son has a rash. I Google “red rash on forearms” and suddenly I’ve found a forum for some rare genetic disease children get that is totally incurable, and I’m sweating.

The problem with WebMD and other forums in general is that when we search the web for our problem, we don’t necessarily need to find other people with that problem. Most of the time, we want to find a solution. But the Google results take us back to the problem.

Rarely does someone who posts their problem on a forum come back and tell you everything ended up being fine. Rarely do they come back to report what they did that solved the problem. By then, they’re outside living their lives like a Cymbalta ad.

I’d love a website that captures that AHA! moment when you find a breakthrough. We could prompt people to also enter in the problem it solves, to attract the problem-havers. Who doesn’t like sharing their own tricks, tips and hacks?

I remember when we finally eliminated dairy from my fussy baby’s diet. I truly did not think it would work, but he became a different baby.

I remember when I discovered that the Yummly app works in cohesion with the Instacart app, so I can 1.) meal plan and 2.) shop for ingredients to be delivered TO MY HOME with a few clicks. Literally.

What are your life hacks? Would you want to share them?

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