Children’s book

Today as I watched my one-year-old passionately chase the birds, I wrote this poem in my head. In fact, I just started saying it to him aloud. It’s not rocket science, but I liked the message. Often we are so concerned with how much we love someone, we aren’t actually thinking about how they want to be loved. With cute enough illustrations it could be a children’s book.

Pretty little birdy,

Sitting in a tree

Come play with me, please

I’ll make you some tea

Pretty little birdy,

Don’t fly away from me.

You look so snuggly

Why won’t you hug me?

Pretty little birdy,

I think we’re meant to be.

Let’s grab a bite to eat

And see a movie.

Pretty little birdy,

What do you think?

{Bird}: Tweet tweet tweet tweet,

Tweet tweet tweet tweet.

Pretty little birdy,

Why won’t you speak to me?

I have an idea!

I’ll see what YOU need.

{little boy reads a book about birds}

Pretty little birdy,

I brought you some seeds.

I see your babies,

So I’ll just let you be.

{Bird lands on his hand and eats the seed, to his amazement}

Tweet tweet tweet tweet!

Pretty little birdy,

Thanks for the treat.

I know that you’re free

But I’m glad we got to meet.

Photo by Paulo Brandao

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