Home-curated subscription boxes 

My husband is obsessed with chips. Of the potato and tortilla variety. One year for his birthday, I looked into getting him a gourmet potato chip subscription. It was like 150 bucks. FOR POTATO CHIPS.

So I bought twelve bags of fancy gourmet chips and hoarded them in the garage. A quick aside, have you ever put this magical voodoo in your mouth? You really should.

On his birthday he received a bag of chips with a card announcing a year of delicious surprises. Each month on the 26th  (his birthday is on the 26th), I hid a bag in a different place for him to find. It was the gift that kept on giving. You could do this with wine, chocolate, whiskey, cosmetics, hot sauce, whatever – it is immensely easy to buy 12 of one type of thing and hoard it. And much cheaper than paying some hipster in Portland to “curate” it. We are all curators.

Just check expiration dates and maybe don’t buy them ALL at once because the last three months got hella stale and one month got eaten by mice. I’m really not a logistics person.

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